Earthguard Bonded Fiber Matrix

Best Erosion Control Solution in Texas

When our clients ask for the most effective erosion control solution on the market today, we always recommend Earthguard Bonded Fiber Matrix (Spray On Blankets). This product is an alternative to the expensive Curlex Erosion Control Blankets and the product works much more efficiently. Whether you have flat areas that you want to make absolutely sure material does not wash away or you have sloped areas where risk is not an option, you should allowing the our Texas Hydromulching Experts to use implement an Earthguard solution on your project for best results.

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix (FM) is a patented technology, which combines EarthGuard and fiber to form a fiber reinforced matrix that provides extended erosion control protection in severe situations. This effective and cost-efficient hydraulically applied formulation has set a new standard for sprayed-on erosion control BMP’s.

EarthGuard® utilizes an extremely high molecular weight blend of chemistry, which results in its superior charge density and soil stabilizing ability. It is designed to work directly with soil to maintain its stability by both preserving existing soil structure and flocculating fine sediment being dislodged by stormwater or wind. EarthGuard is ideal for site-winterization (seed not required), where bare soil, slopes and stockpiles must be protected during the raining season. In re-vegetation and dormant seeding applications, the superior soil stabilizing ability of EarthGuard holds, seeds, soil, fiber and amendments in place until sufficient long-term growth/erosion control protection has occurred.

Watch The Video To Learn More About How Earthguard Works:

EarthGuard FM is highly effective and saves hundreds to thousands of dollars per acre over other effective erosion control practices.

Numerous test results have shown EarthGuard FM to be as effective as Fiber Reinforced Matrix (FRM,) bonded fiber matrix and some erosion blankets. However, typical applied costs for EarthGuard FM can be a fraction of the cost of these comparable BMP’s. Not only are material costs lower, but application time is reduced, saving labor costs.


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